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Sierra Raine

Denver, Colorado

We are excited to introduce Sierra Raine as our Exposé Model!

Her Photos have been verified and she can be found in Denver, Colorado and surrounding cities.


Natural Blonde Hair

Mesmerizing Blue Eyes

with Measurements of


The Lovely Sierra Raine

in Denver, Colorado

About Sierra Raine

How Do I Choose The Cover Size?

After measuring your bag's dimension, add another 2 cm on every dimension measured. Refer to our product size and choose the one according to the measurements.

Will It Stick To My Bag?

The allowance of 1-2 cm ensures that it will not be closely intact to the bag and no stickness will be formed. However, we do not recommend patent material bag.

Why Should I Use Bag Cover?

Due to the humid environment in Asia, we often encounter a mouldy bag situation even though we place it in an enclosed wardrobe. The bag cover prevents the mouldy situation yet enable us to have a clear view of the bag.

Thank You Sierra Raine for being our lovely 'Model Exposé'!  

If you'd like to learn more about Sierra, or if you have questions for her, you can email her at:

or you can visit her

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The beautiful blonde haired, blue eyed Sierra Raine in Denver, Colorado. Photo Verified VIP Model. Denver, Colorado and surrounding cities.

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