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CityEssence, VIP-Models Advertising

Requirements and Guidelines for Profile Advertising Photos & Content:

Advertising photo’s for advertiser Profiles will have certain requirements in order to be displayed on CityEssence.  We are looking to create an upscale and classy advertising venue for VIP Models/Escorts and therefor are looking to maintain a certain standard for all photos we include on the site.

  1. All pictures must be of professional quality.  While they do not need to be taken by a pro photographer, they must have that quality look and feel about them.  Think of a lingerie catalog or fashion magazine and shoot for that type of look. If you have any questions about photos you'd like to include on your Profile, please contact us and we will be more than happy to help.

  2. Photo’s submitted for Profiles MAY include a watermark with the Advertisers name or photographers mark, but website links, email addresses or url watermarks are NOT permitted.

  3. No genitalia can be visible at all. Limited breasts can be showing, as long as the photograph is classy and tasteful.  All photos are subject to approval by our staff at CityEssence.  If for some reason your photo is not approved, you will be notified, and the reason for the non-approval will be outlined for you so you can make corrections. 

  4. We completely understand the desire and need for discretion and therefore do not require faces to show if you would like to conceal your true identity.  There are alternatives to the blurred-out face, such as cropping the photo at the neck or nose, and we would prefer you go the cropping route as opposed to the blurred look, as we feel it looks much cleaner.

  5. Images that indicate, suggest, insinuate or could be misconstrued that Advertiser is under the age of 18 years of age (even with ID verification of Advertiser being 21 +), or the use of descriptive words and/or adjectives suggesting, insinuating or implying an Advertiser is under the age of 18 years old to market themselves is NOT permitted.    

  6. Text, images or video that could be mistaken as sexually suggestive, explicit or that solicits or could be mistaken as soliciting or engaging in any unlawful conduct or behavior in NOT permitted.

  7. All photos must be confirmed of the advertiser on record and will need to be verified if a ‘Verified Photo’ listing is desired.  Our verification process consists of a clear face photo of the advertiser with the current date and "CityEssence written on it to be submitted, or a brief video call to confirm that you are the person in the pictures.

  8. There is a short intro section on each Profile.  This is for the advertiser to describe her/himself and give a short outline about who she/he is.  This is NOT an area to describe what you do, but who you are.  For example, things you like to do, places you've been, a description of your physical features, etc. This section of each Profile submitted must also be approved by our staff and if it is not approved, the advertiser will be notified of the non-approval and a detailed reason as to what needs to be changed or deleted will be given.

  9. Where the advertiser lives and works, as well as Stats are listed, as are other areas/cities the advertiser can be found in. Where the advertiser lives would be the advertisers base location. Other cities/areas where the advertiser can be found would be places the advertiser frequents and/or visits.

  10. ‘Words that describe me’ is a list of descriptive words you can include that you feel describe who you are.  If you choose not to have the descriptive words, you may opt for a list of things you like to do to be included in that section instead.

  11. Videos may also be added to your Profile but must be tasteful Model videos.  No inappropriate or extreme nudity or sexually explicit content will be allowed.  All videos will be reviewed and must be approved by CityEssence. If the Advertiser's video is not approved, the advertiser will be notified and the details for the non-approval will be outlined.

  12. Each Profile can have up to 10 photos listed. Photos may be switched out, rotated or changed at any time.  All that is required is that any new photos be confirmed as the advertiser on file.  If the photo will be displayed on the Advertiser's Profile with the face included and is comparable to the government issued ID on file, nothing more needs to be done.  If the photo is cropped, verification will be done as described in section 4. You are allowed as many photo changes as you’d like during your advertising, and as many advertising changes and updates to content as you'd like, as well.

To make changes to your advertisement, please email us For photo changes, email us the pictures with cropping instructions, if that applies. For verified photos please include uncropped picture or another photo from the same shoot that has the face included (this photo will Not be used in the advertisers Profile). For text/content changes please send us the content you’d like changed with instructions and we will get it changed out for you right away.  Please allow 2-4 hours for all ad changes during normal business hours. 


Thank you for trusting us with your advertising needs and we look forward to assisting you!

At Your Service,

Your CityEssence Team

Operating Hours:

Monday - Friday: 10am-6pm (mst, US)

Saturday: Noon - 4pm (mst, US)

Sunday:  Closed 


(303) 578-8662

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