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Advertising on CityEssence, your VIP Model Escort Listing Directory

About CityEssence, VIP-Models 

If you are a VIP Model Escort with an established brand, or if you’re looking to establish a VIP brand with the style, class & finesse that will appeal to discriminating and upscale ladies and gentlemen, then CityEssence may be the right advertising venue for you. CityEssence will showcase your look with a beautiful Profile collection of photos, customized to present you in a stylish and elegant way.  While we currently have a limited number of advertising locations, we will be expanding to include more cites, states and regions as we grow, so if your city is not listed now, please let us know and we will work on getting your area included on CityEssence!

CityEssence does not accept any and all advertising, as we strive to be an elite VIP site with authentic and reputable Models/Escorts who wish to be presented in an upscale manner.  If you consider yourself to be a Model/Escort that has the quality and depth to be a VIP, please contact us to request an invitation to have your Profile reviewed to be included on CityEssence.  We will require a valid government issued ID in order to confirm that all Models/Escorts meet our minimum age requirement of 21 years of age, and verification that the advertiser is the actual person on the government issued ID by comparing Profile photos to the ID submitted. If photos do not incude the Advertisers face, verification of the photos submitted will be required by sending in an uncropped, unedited full image photo(s) from the same photo shoot where the advertisers face is visible.  

Please understand that as we are a VIP Invitation Only site, we do not accept all inquiries to be included within our pages.  Once you have completed and submitted the Invitation Request, we will review your information and get back to you within a 24-48 hour period (excluding Holidays). If you are approved, we will send you a Profile Submission form to fill out so that we can put together your Profile and announce your debut on CityEssence. Once your submission form and photos are received, it normally takes 24 to 48 hours to complete your Profile.  You will be notified as soon as your Profile is up and live on CityEssence!

Age Requirement:

We require that all advertisers be at least 21 years of age. 


Cost for advertising:

CityEssence currently has a complimentary period for advertising up until October 1, 2019.   We offer base ads for the city/state/region/country you live in, as well as visiting ads and ‘by Request’ ads (which are up to 3 concurrent ads in multiple cities/states/regions/countries that you frequent, plus your base city ad). We will also offer front page advertising on our ‘Monthly Highlights’ section, a Model Exposé  layout and a Featured Models page.  If you are accepted as a Model on CityEssence prior to September 1, 2019, your advertisement will run free of charge for 6 months.

Front page Monthly Highlights: 

There are 8 spots available to begin with and may be increased to 16, at most and are available on a limited basis.  For more information on Monthly Highlights placement, please email us at

Model Exposé: 

We scout for qualified Models that we would love to have as our Model Exposé, and we also love to get recommendations from our site patrons, as well as from Models who wish to recommend a Model, or request a Model Exposé review for themselves. Our Model Exposé is an complimentary feature of CityEssence and will not be something that has a fee attatched to it. 

Featured page: 

Our exclusive Featured page is one that currently has 12 model listings.  We may expand that number to 20, at most, but do want to keep the Featrued page one where there is a limited number of Models/Escorts showcased to create a bit of exclusivity for that page.  It will have a 2 consecutive month limit for listings and a rotation to keep it fresh!  For more information on our Featured page listing, please email us at

Contacting CityEssence, Operating Hours 

Our normal business hours, excluding holidays, are: Monday – Friday from 10am – 6pm (mst, US), Saturday’s from Noon – 4pm (mst, US) and we will be closed on Sunday’s. 

When contacting CityEssence, please allow 2-4 hours for email replies, and if we can get back with you sooner, we most certainly will!  It is our goal to bring you an extraordinary customer service experience and we will always do our very best to get back with you in a timely manner! 

If you wish to have your listing included on CityEssence, please click the Invitation Request below.



Thank you for trusting us with your advertising needs and we look forward to assisting you!


At Your Service,

Your CityEssence Team

Operating Hours:

Monday - Friday: 10am-6pm (mst, US)

Saturday: Noon - 4pm (mst, US)

Sunday:  Closed 


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